George Miadis is a self-described up-and-coming musician who is all about the Fort Worth area. You can find him playing familiar tunes at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop on 3058 S. University Drive or performing with his band at the Aardvark at 2905 W. Berry Street -both in the 109- as well as at other well-known bars in Fort Worth.

“We like to play here better than Dallas,” George said.

George grew up and developed his musical talent in Greece until the age of 18 when he continued his passion in Belgium. His plan was to settle in the United States and Texas fit his criteria. He wanted to attend the MediaTech Institute in Irving, Texas, where he studied music production and sound engineering.

“I like it here,” George said. “It’s quite similar to our temperament [in Greece]. People are warm, friendly, [and] nice.”

Although George loves to entertain at Potbelly, his main project is his band, Sonar Lights. He met all of his band members by chance through school productions and as fellow classmates.

“Usually you hear stories like ‘oh we went to high school together,’ but I came from Greece four years ago,” George said.

He describes his band as having a “heavy rock alternative sound.” He explains that their music is not a typical heavy metal band that some people find distasteful. The band incorporates melody and leaves out the screaming you usually hear with this type of music. George adds the lyrics and the melody because his main purpose is to have his audience relate to the band’s music.

“Our lyrics are not too political, but we want to state something,” George said. “We want to talk about problems and things that matter.”

And of course, he wants his fans to “groove” to the music and says his favorite part about performing is seeing fans sing along.

His musical influences as a child were Pink Floyd, Queen, Foo Fighters, along with several others. He was self-taught starting at the age of 10 and never stopped.

“When you have the music in you, you just want to explore more sounds,” George said.

George has about eight guitars and treats them as though they were his own children. Aside from his beloved guitars, he plays several eastern instruments from his Greek heritage that give his independent music an original folk sound that you don’t hear very much today.
“George adds to Potbelly’s homey charm,” said Jill Pollock, a regular at Potbelly. “His music takes me away from the stress of school and life in general, at least during my lunch break.”

Heather Martinez, general manager of Potbelly said, “He brings in a lot of regulars for us who call in and ask if George is playing.”

George has a strong passion toward his music through his band as well as his own creations. Separate from his band, George has been signed to do an independent label. This acoustic project will focus on incorporating Greek instruments to demonstrate his eastern background and to allow for a more rich tone.

“It’s magical,” George said.

The members of Sonar Lights are excited to announce their album is scheduled to be released in the spring.

Stay tuned for future live performances of Sonar Lights that will be posted on the 109 calendar. Until then, George wants you to take your lunch break at Potbelly on Mondays and Tuesdays to enjoy some live entertainment.

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