Residents of the 109 and TCU students have come together to make Overton Park their new outdoor fitness center.

Three days a week, people gather in groups of 10 to 25 participating in a fitness boot camp at Overton Park, south of Bellaire Drive South. Some people in the group are wearing “PT Fitness” T-shirts.

PT Fitness, owned and operated by Ron Green, offers fitness boot camps for those looking for a fun, motivating, dynamic group program, Green said.

PT Fitness has been featured in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for its bridal boot camps offering brides a chance to get in shape before their big day.

A typical boot camp can be a combination of body weight exercises, agilities and light running, Green said.

Whether it is to lose weight, get back in shape, prepare for a marathon or to get ready for an upcoming event, participants know they are in for a serious workout.

Jaclyn Gibbs, a boot camp participant, has been attending the boot camp for about one month.

“I can already notice a huge difference,” Gibbs said. “Boot camp has improved my endurance and strength and already helped me shed the pounds.”

Heather Masterson, a 109 resident, has attended the PT Fitness boot camps for more than two years to achieve her goal of staying fit and active.

“My favorite thing about boot camp is that the workouts are never the same,” Masterson said. “I don’t get bored doing the same exercises over and over again.”

Green explained the focus of PT Fitness:

“Our program is geared toward developing cardiovascular and muscular strength endurance,” he said. “We offer circuit workouts that are challenging while enjoyable, energetic and encouraging.”

Green decided to use Overton Park for the boot camps because of its convenient location, the running trail and how well the park is maintained.

Gibbs also enjoys the outdoor setting.

“It’s refreshing being able to work out outside, breathing fresh air instead of being stuck in a gym,” Gibbs said.

The boot camps are offered at 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

For more information about PT Fitness or how to get involved, you may visit the PT Fitness website at


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