In an effort to restore historical charm in Fort Worth, Lauren and Lance Byrd have refurbished their home in the 3200 block of Avondale Street to its original 1930s design.

The Byrds’ home received the 2010 Preservation Award, given by Historic Fort Worth, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the city’s historical identity.

The award honors homeowners who restore their residential properties with a commitment to the ideals and standards of historic preservation.

The Colonial Revival home, built in 1938, was remodeled and added to several times before it was purchased by the Byrds.

Brent Hull, the contractor for the restoration, nominated the home for the award because of its drastic transformation, he said.

Hull is a specialist in residential design and historic millwork.

To restore the home to its original grandeur, Hull used an old photograph of the home to reintroduce, add and remove elements to make it historically accurate.

“There were a lot fun things that we were able to do with this house,” Hull said. “My favorite part about it was the tiled back porch with skylights we installed on the back side of the house.”

Hull removed past additions by previous homeowners, including cast stone around windows and columns, and a balustrade.

The garage, back porch, and indoor moldings were each replaced with more historically accurate versions by Hull’s team of craftsmen.

Additions to the Byrd house include a new family room, a study and new shutters.