Heatherly Designs is now offering their high-end stationery at stores in and around the 109.

Heather Lee Chang, owner and designer of Heatherly, launched the company in 2007. After starting her career in the corporate design world, Heather decided to pursue her dreams of creating vintage cards, said Jackson Chang, president and marketing guru for Heatherly. Chang is also Heather’s husband.

“Heather has always had a love of paper and all things vintage,” Chang said. “There’s something sentimental about getting a card or gift in the mail. Heather did not want that to be a lost art so she wanted to help others express warm sentiments through correspondence by using Heatherly’s stylish cards.”

Her interest for cards began when Heather was just a child.

“I’ve always remembered as a kid how special cards were to give and receive," Heather said.

“As a kid, her mom would bring out a box of greeting cards to send to family and friends and Heather would help select which cards to send,” Chang said. “It was one of those impressionable moments that stay with you for a long time. Sending cards to be thoughtful and say “I love you” or “Thank you” was something meaningful to Heather and she still does it today.”

Working directly out of her home in Fort Worth, Heatherly is best known for their simple and cute card designs. Their best selling cards include their Thank You, Will you be my maid of honor? and Will you be my bridesmaid? cards. Heather has her products printed through a local printer and for larger orders, a manufacturer overseas.

Heather’s inspiration for her products comes from everyday situations and offers a unique boutique style that gives the big name greeting card companies a run for their money.

“Heather takes inspirations from fashion, color, nature, travel, her shopping excursions, books and magazines she reads, brainstorming sessions with her husband and her Christian faith,” Chang said.

Currently being offered in more than 100 boutique stores nationwide, Heatherly has made a name for the company. Heatherly products are currently being offered at Salutations, PS the Letter and De Ma Fille, which are all located in the 109.

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