At Stay Wired Coffee House, computer repair and coffee go hand in hand. This 109 business is one part coffee shop and one part computer repair store.

General manager John Campbell, who shares the title with Robert Burns, came up with the concept of Stay Wired after their former business lost its lease. They decided to buy the Stay Wired property, which had previously been home to the Panther City Coffee Shop. They noticed there was enough space for both a coffee house and computer service center.

The coffee house is a perfect environment for community members who need a quiet place to work or enjoy their lunch break.

“I like studying at Stay Wired because the coffee is great and the atmosphere is relaxed,” said Hayley Parker, a 109 resident and TCU student.

How does Stay Wired compete against other coffee shops?

“Coffee quality sets us apart because we roast our own beans in house,” said Campbell, something that nearby competitors do not do.

Campbell said the coffee is what attracts customers and the revenue generated from the computer service keeps the store running.

The technicians who work at Stay Wired are able to fix any computer at a price that won’t break the bank. They offer a free first-time diagnosis of your computer and each visit after that is a standard flat rate charge of $80.

“Not only are we able to fix MacBooks, but [we can do it] at a third of the price,” said Campbell.

Stay Wired offers more than just coffee and computer repair. Musicians and exercise enthusiasts can attend weekly Jazzercise classes on Wednesday’s and Open Mic Nights on Thursday’s. Art enthusiasts will soon be able to visit the art gallery located on the second floor, scheduled to open at the end of May.

With such a wide variety of activities and services offered, Stay Wired Coffee House and Computer Service puts a new spin on the typical neighborhood coffee shop.

So far, the only store location is 2918 W. Berry St., but there is a possibility that Campbell and Burns will open new stores in the future.

“For now,” Campbell said, “we are focused on this location and providing a great environment for the community.”