Since its birth in 1986, Entrees On-Trays has transformed the traditional catering business into more than just a food delivery service. “Our service keeps customers coming back,” said Sam Kalil Jr., CEO of Entrees On-Trays.

The Kalil family has been in the catering business for more than 60 years, beginning in Houston with Sam Kalil Sr. and, in 1960, the opening of Royal Catering Co. in Fort Worth. After 20 years of operation, the Royal Catering Co. closed in 1980. Sam Kalil Jr. remained in the vending business with wife Pam until they bought Entrees On-Trays in 2000 from their friend Don Shipe.

Shipe got the idea from a pizza delivery service, said Kalil.

Kalil has since transformed Entrees On-Trays into a family business that caters to the community. With more than 60 restaurants to choose from, customers are guaranteed to find something that will satisfy their cravings. The list of restaurants is constantly being updated, as more businesses want to partner with Entrees On-Trays.

Entrees On-Trays provides customers with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Kalil said that dinner tends to be delivered to households, while lunch has become their busiest time of the day. To further their commitment to customer service, Entrees On-Trays caters to businesses in the community by providing them with quick lunches delivered to their office.

In the past couple of years, Kalil has changed the way customers order through Entrees On-Trays. Before, customers would call the restaurant they ordered from and let them know they would like it delivered by Entrees On-Trays. Now customers have the capability to order their meal online, which Kalil said is more efficient for the customer as well as restaurants.

The website allows customers to browse a variety of menus location, cuisine, or all, and specify special instructions if they choose. Approximate wait times are shown next to the restaurants so the customer has an idea of when their food will be delivered.

The relationship between the restaurants, customers, and Entrees On-Trays functions so that everyone benefits. For restaurants, it’s one more way to advertise their business while customers have a variety of options to choose from without having to leave their seat.

Entrees On-Trays dedicates itself to providing the best in customer service. Whether catering to a large party or an individual, Kalil established a business that holds community interests as the No. 1 priority.