Two residents of the 109 were recently honored as great stewards of Fort Worth by Historic Fort Worth Inc. in an event focusing on building preservation.

Robert Tesch III and Sharla Tesch were recognized at The Samuel Benton Cantey III Lecture & Preservation Awards for their historic residence.

The Tesch’s home, located at 2811 Simondale Drive, has been a 109 landmark since 1929. It was built as a dream home for a Fort Worth couple by architect James Patterson. Its most prominent feature, its 25 foot white turret, is still impressive after 82 years.

Lifetime 109 resident Tesch III is a former student of Alice Carlson Elementary and a graduate of Paschal High School. He has lived in the home since 1952. His father, Robert Tesch Jr., purchased the home that year for $32,000.

"I call all the homeowners by the original names I knew back in the 50’s, I still remember who lived there years and years ago," said Tesch III.

Tesch Jr. maintained the property’s original charm. Since becaming the home owner in 1989, Tesch III now carries on his family’s legacy of preservation.

"We love history and preserving, we want to keep everything just like when the house was first built," said Tesch III.

At the Samuel Benton Cantey III Lecture & Preservation Awards, there were a total of 14 awards given out in several categories including: adaptive reuse of commercial buildings, residential rehabilitation, stewardship and preservation leadership. The Tesch’s were honored to be one of only three award recipients for outstanding stewardship.

Many local representatives and Texas politicians were in attendance for the lecture and awards. Among them was guest speaker and building preservationist Mayor Will Wynn of Austin. Wynn gave a presentation highlighting his personal and professional preservation accomplishments.

The Tesch family home has been as consistent as its owners, and stands out as a model of commitment and preservation in the 109.