Residents of the Paschal neighborhood gathered at the Park Temple Baptist Church to discuss local concerns Saturday morning.


The meeting was led by Dwayne Kennemore, president of Paschal Neighborhood Association, and James Hawk, secretary of Paschal Neighborhood Association.


Topics discussed at the meeting included ongoing construction projects in the neighborhood, upcoming community events and the introduction of a Public Education Specialist for the neighborhood association.


New Public Education Specialist


Marty Harrison introduced herself to the residents as the Public Education Specialist. This role would concern neighborhood education.


Harrison said she would be available to help relay any of the residents’ issues to the correct city department. She would also help strengthen the Neighborhood Association by bringing in more members.


Sewer Replacement Construction


Replacement of sanitary sewer lines has begun from Cantey Street to Berry Street, along Stanley Avenue, Livingston Avenue and Gordon Avenue.


New lines should help reduce the city of Fort Worth from having to clean out pipes at the end of the blocks.


While they do not know the specific date of when the replacements should be done, Kennemore said the updates are almost complete.




Sidewalk construction near Forest Park Blvd. has halted. Hawk has questioned the city about it, and he said the city told him they would look into it.


The construction project was scheduled to be completed in two phases. The first phase replaced the entire first half of the sidewalk. The second phase should complete the second half.


The first phase has been completed and paid for, but the second phase has not begun, Hawk said.




Resident Gary Dixon voiced his need for a housing variance. He planned to build a new duplex where his outdated house currently stands.


Various residents voiced their concerns for the possible rippling effect of more duplexes to come after the construction of one in the neighborhood.


After hearing the concerns of residents, he has decided to no longer go through with his plans.




Kennemore said residents could help in reducing any possible narcotic activity in the neighborhood. He suggested any residents with concerns about drug deals or suspicious activity should report it to the neighborhood police.


Cowtown Cleanup


Cowtown Cleanup, the annual citywide litter cleanup, should be at the end of March Harrison said.  More details would be discussed about the event at the next neighborhood meeting.


For more information or to express concerns email the neighborhood association at [email protected] 


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