Hauss Fitness will begin a new weight loss program in February aimed to promote a long-term healthy lifestyle for all ages.


Synergy, a 12-week medically based weight loss program includes a weekly 90 minute exercise session with gym owner Cindy Hauss and a nutrition class led by Dr. Mark Dambro.


“I think most people will think it’s a refreshing approach because we’re not going to restrict people; it’s not about severe calorie restriction and it’s not about exercising 10 hours a week,” Hauss, said. Hauss is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach and adjunct professor of kinesiology at TCU. Dambro has been active in family medicine for over 25 years.


Dambro said the goal of the program is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. The nutrition classes will focus on this long-term lifestyle change, with activities such as modifying family recipes, taking field trips to the grocery store, and learning how to make sense of nutrition labels.


Hauss hopes the nutrition classes will help fill the gap she believes exists in the healthcare system. 


“The physicians today, with the way healthcare is structured, just don’t have that much time to spend with each patient, let alone educate them about physical fitness and nutrition.,” she said.


The program will also include wellness coaching. This includes a session each week in which every member would have a 20-minute phone consultation with Hauss to keep track of their progress and any obstacles.


From college students to people in their 80s, Hauss welcomes people of any age or activity level at the gym or in the program. Justin Harris, member of Hauss fitness, believed Hauss helped him pursue his fitness goals.


“She understands fitness, she understands how to build muscle, she understands how to help you build muscle to help you lose weight, and keep you healthy while you do it,” he said.


Right now Harris worked one on one with Hauss, but he would be interested in joining a program if it fit into his schedule.


 Hauss said she plans to limit the weight loss program to 10 participants. She believed the small group environment would encourage individual attention from the six personal trainers.


Classes are scheduled to meet Tuesday nights, but Dambro said the schedule would be flexible.


“We want to recognize that these are adults and they have schedules and other commitments and they have things to do, and so we want to be sure that we can accommodate people and their busy schedules,” he said.


Hauss hopes to offer the program multiple times per year and allow people to advance to other programs. In addition to Synergy the gym also offers boot camps, small group personal training, nutrition consultations and zumba.


“Ultimately, our goal is to give people the tools to use in order to have a consistent healthy lifestyle,” she said.


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