After giving birth to Joah, Miranda Davis wanted a way to combine her love of fitness with the love of her son and to get together with other moms who have children his age.  
Davis, who has taught yoga and dance classes since 1993, found a solution when she got out her son’s stroller and started doing pilates, yoga and fitness-based movements with it. This notion formed the basis of the PerfectFit Power Stroller class she launched in September 2010.
A typical class consists of a combination of exercises to tone, strengthen and sculpt the entire body.  She applies elements of aerobic movement from the disciplines of pilates and yoga, while using the stroller as a prop throughout the class.
“We utilize elements of cardio and endurance training targeting specific muscles groups,” Davis said.
The class is a physically intense workout. A participant burns 500 to 700 calories during the hour-long class she said.
Amanda Herron, a power stroller participant, and her daughter Caroline have been coming to the class for about a year and a half. 
“I have definitely seen results from taking this class,” Herron said, “Since the workout is so diverse it benefits everything.” 
 The participants of the class vary from stay-at-home moms, to women who are pregnant, to moms who work and are still taking time off she said. The class is not meant to be gender specific though.
“It’s parent based,” Davis said. “I think the dads would be really surprised at how high the calorie burn is in the workout.”
Children are also welcome and for Sarah Ross, a participant in the combined exercise class, this means she spends less on childcare.
“It is really convenient because we don’t have to hire daytime help and we don’t have to get day-care to watch our children,” Ross said.
Besides keeping participants in shape, the class also provides a social outlet for moms to get together and talk Herron said.
“A big part of the class is community, and after having a child, it is learning how to have a different type of community. We have play dates and moms night out,” Davis said.  
The class also focuses on the mind by ending each workout with a calming yoga section. Ross said she leaves each class with a sense of calm and allover mental change.
“The way I teach, especially after becoming a mom, is about awareness and rejuvenation and allowing people to get back into self-focus but in a positive, healing way,” Davis said.
Due to the popularity of the class, Davis is in the process of producing a certification manual for moms to be able to lead the class on their own.
The power stroller classes have met at Overton Park, but during the summer and winter months the classes move indoors. Current classes are offered at Hulen Mall from 8:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. on Fridays.  Classes will return to Overton Park beginning March 23.
For more information about PerfectFit Power Stroller classes or how to get involved, you may visit the PerfectFit website.