Whitney Smith and her children walked through the TCU Farmers Market and Art Fest Wednesday to see what products businesses in and outside of Fort Worth offered.

“We were just curious to see what the local vendors had available,” Smith, a 109 resident, said. “It’s very interesting; they’ve got some good stuff.”

Local businesses included Red Jett Sweets and the Artisan Baking Company. Businesses from outside Fort Worth such as Scott Farms, The Vintagemobile and Paleo by Diana also participated.

TCU students sold a variety of handmade items, such as headbands, jewelry and TCU merchandise.

Gwin Grimes from Artisan Baking Company said farmers markets are a great way to meet many Fort Worth residents and support the community.

“Everything we grow and sell has to be grown or made within 150 miles of Fort Worth, so we’re an all local market,” Grimes said.

Joan Sullivan said a majority of her sales come from local one day events. However, she has sold her handmade necklaces and earrings all over the world, from New York to Germany.

“I have a piece that is in Malta, it went to the German ambassador’s wife,” she said.

Although participants came to look at and buy various items, the local businesses were there for the community, Grimes said.

“That’s why we’re doing this,” she said. “It’s for your benefit.”