The Vue apartment complex, set to open this fall in the109, will house college students and with an added fee—pets.

“There are a limited amount of communities geared entirely to TCU students that allow pets,” said The Vue Community Manager Robyn Hoover. “We wanted to offer this freedom…after having to live pet-free on campus for two years, some find it a luxury to be able to own their first pet.”

The pet friendly “amenity” advertised by The Vue is receiving mixed reviews from the college community.

“It’s a good thought for some dogs, but I know mine would get antsy and feel cooped up without a full backyard,” TCU junior Kyle Wilson said.

Wilson lives in an off campus house.  Though The Vue would be closer to campus, Wilson said he still would sacrifice the distance to ensure ample space for his dog to roam.

While The Vue does not furnish yards, Hoover said the second floor was constructed with sealed concrete floors to be more pet friendly.  Residents must use their own discretion when choosing where to walk pets throughout the property, she said.

Pets will not be allowed in the amenity areas as to not disturb other residents, she added.

TCU sophomore Maggie Leming lives in the GrandMarc apartments.  Having a pet in her complex was not an option for her, she said.

While she would not want a dog living in her apartment, Leming said she would not mind living in an apartment complex that allows them, she said.

“If I heard a dog barking, I would be fine with it. It’s a college apartment, I mean you just have to live with noises,” she said.

A pet addendum is attached to all leasing packages, Hoover said.  Residents must comply with the addendum in order to qualify to have a pet.

One pet is allowed in the one-bedroom units, and no more than two dogs in a two, three or four bedroom unit, according to the addendum.  Pets may not exceed 30 pounds and aggressive dog breeds are not allowed. Birds, hamsters, gerbils, snakes, frogs, spiders, ferrets or other animals are also not permitted.

A $400 pet deposit will be applied per pet plus $25 dollars per month, Hoover said.

She said the apartment complex had been leased up for the fall, but it was not clear how many of those people would have pets yet.