Representatives from Paschal High School and TCU dedicated a tree to symbolize their partnership in education.

A live oak was planted between both campuses on the corner of West Bowie St. and McCart Ave. The theme of the new union is “Connecting Purple Neighbors.”

The tree is symbolic of what’s to come and grow out of the newly confirmed partnership, Terri Mossige, principal of Paschal High School, said. TCU students can teach and learn from the high school students and vice-versa in hopes to connect with their neighbor.

“The goal for Paschal High School is eliminating the achievement gap as well as preparing students for college and career readiness,” Mossige said.

Joe Ralph Martinez, Fort Worth Independent School District Board of Education representative, said he was happy to see the initiative cemented because the better each school shares the better it is for the community.

TCU and Paschal’s common goal is to prepare students to step into the next stage of their life, TCU Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Nowell Donovan said.