The 33rd Congressional District features three candidates seeking the U.S. House seat– Republican Chuck Bradley, Democrat Marc Veasey and Ed Lindsay of the Green Party.

The 33rd congressional district was established in 2011 because of the growing population between Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood and the Fort Worth’s stockyards. Due to the growing minority population, the 33rd was created to provided a voice to an otherwise unrepresented section of Texas.


Bradley’s main focus this campaign involves job creation and maintenance of Medicare and Social Security. After evaluating government spending and the increasing national debt, he said he did not want his children and grandchildren paying the price for our failure to manage spending.

His plan for job creation includes the creation of on-the-job training. In Fort Worth, employment opportunities for young families of 20 year olds are slim. Bradley said if these students could go to school with government funding, but they will not have any consistent income to pay for childcare, rent, and basic necessities.

“They can go to school, but they still have to eat,” Bradley said. “We’ve got to think out of the box” when it comes to job creation.

He proposes two new on-the-job training facilities – in Tarrant County and Dallas County – that will allow students to learn a trade while received a paycheck. These facilities will be train students for 12-16 weeks on culinary skills, electrician apprentice, TDLR licensing, etc., and continue to take care of their families.

He also proposes energy independence. By safely utilizing our natural resources – oil, gas, coal – he says the country can become energy efficient while simultaneously creating 3 million new jobs.

On behalf of Medicare and Social Security, Bradley supports the maintenance of Medicare and proposes the government bring Medicare funding to the state level.

He supports social security age eligibility being changed to 64 years of age. He also supports a system of self-direction of social security that allows citizens to take a their social security and invest their money in the treasury or bonds or stocks.

“I just want to make sure that social security will be here for the next 50 to 100 years,” Bradley said.


Veasey said, if elected, he wants to give better representation in North Texas area for the minority community. He said he plans to be an advocate for the African American and Latino community, an advocate for healthcare, education and immigration.

In regards to healthcare, Veasey said he plans to support President Obama and his healthcare bill. He also wants to bring healthcare costs down and make them more affordable.

He also said that if Obama is reelected, he plans to support him in his job creation efforts as well as support him with his education plans.

In the 33rd, Veasey said he plans to get rid of past legislation like “No Child Left Behind,” and make sure that teachers and students receive a quality education everywhere. He said he wants to make college more affordable.

“Any cuts to Pell grants or government funding, I’ll fight against,” Veasey said.

Veasey also said, if elected, he wants to complete reforms on the immigration bill that are “long overdue.”

In his final message, Veasey said, “I want voters to know that I will always be a voice of progress in Congress and you can call on me to defend you and fight for you.”


Ed Lindsay is running under a Green Party ticket. Supporters of Lindsay consider him a man with a “good head on his shoulders when it comes to spending.”

Lindsay said the world is made of three types of people; good people who help others, bad people who take advantage of others, and ugly people that sit by and watch bad things happen. If elected, Lindsay plans to be one of the good people.

Lindsay has many goals if elected, such as “balancing the budget, reduce federal debt, take care of the men and women in uniform, see government offset removed.”

Also, Lindsay said he plans to “ensure America has access to medical coverage, ensure tax credits for clean energy and tax breaks for the middle class.”

As a fiscal conservative, Lindsay said he wants all Americans to pay their fair share. If elected, he plans to cut tax loopholes for corporation by implementing a flat tax to corporations.

He also supports maintenance of social security and Medicare. He said he believes everyone, even those who make $100,000 or more annually, should pay to Medicare to help ease the cost of projected Medicare.

Overall, the Vietnam veteran said everyone should contribute to the betterment of America’s future.