After a 4-4 fall tennis record and a first-round playoff loss to Weatherford, Paschal is looking for an improved record in spring matches.

During the fall, Reese Ringnald placed second team All-District for Boys’ Singles One and Aaron Tapper placed first team All-District for Boys’ Singles Two, Keiser said.

Si Young Hwang placed second team All-District for Boys’ Singles 4 and Seung Hyun Nam placed second team All-District for Boys’ Singles 6. Will Ross and Darby Leiber placed second team All-District for Mixed Doubles.

Head coach Patrick Keiser said the boys’ team had several improvements in technique, competition and overall energy. He said the girls’ team still needs more work and more improvement, but overall, the teams have made positive changes from last year.

Ringnald and Tapper both said they made significant improvements that will continue into the spring. Ringnald said he worked on keeping his serves inbounds and getting more consistent with his serving. Tapper also said improving consistency on his second serve was a skill he planned to carry over into the spring season.

 “Spring is what really matters,” Ringnald said.

The fall season was competitively structured on a team-by-team basis. The objective for each competition was to play six singles matches, three doubles matches and a mixed doubles match and collectively win 10 matches as a team, Keiser said. Whichever team won 10 matches won the overall meet.

During the spring, tennis competitions will be tournament style. Instead of challenging one school per meet, the Panthers will compete in multiple matches against multiple schools during a day of competition, Keiser said. Spring competition focuses on individual competition instead of an overall team competition, he said.

This year, Keiser has emphasized more running and conditioning and more competitive, organized practices to keep his athletes competitive.

“Last year I noticed that toward the end of matches our kids were gassed and the other teams weren’t getting as tired,” Keiser said.

Ringnald said the new running regimen has helped his endurance and should continue to help him in the spring season.

Keiser also included more structured, drill-driven practices this year and Tapper said the team was playing harder and working harder than in the past.

In preparation for the spring, Keiser said he wants to focus on creating better match-ups and giving his players the best opportunity to get to regionals.

“We want to put the best people together and see the most success and get lots of people to regionals,” Keiser said.

In the transition from assistant coach to head coach, Keiser said it has been a challenge, but he enjoys being able to contribute to the team and its progression.    

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