You might see him around TCU clad in purple, but Stu isn't your typical Horned Frog fan.

That's right: add a stuffed giraffe to the growing list of Horned Frog fans.

To the reactions of onlookers, film major Alex Anderson carries Stu around the TCU campus and takes pictures of him in public settings. This lead to the creation of Stu’s very own Instagram account.

“Everyone’s loved it so far,” Anderson said. “Within a week, he had 70 followers and he’s got about 89 right now after two and a half.”

Stu’s Instagram page (Stu_the_giraffe) boasts photos of the stuffed animal in celebratory situations, including on top of Anderson's off-campus house before the Cowboys Classic on Aug. 31.

As for the back story on how he found the giraffe, Anderson said he discovered him hiding in his poolhouse at his home in California.

“No one knows where he came from, honestly,” said Anderson. “It was just kind of a mystery.”

With no one to claim the six-foot-tall behemoth, Anderson decided to bring it to school.

“I had a giraffe in my car for 26 hours of driving, Anderson said. "He’s my little buddy; he kept me company.”

“Stu just loves to party,” said Dylan Anderson, Alex’s roommate. “Everybody loves a giraffe who loves to party.”

Alex welcomes the reactions of anyone who meets Stu.

“We’re always on campus, we have a prime location," Anderson said.

"We just wave at everyone. Stu likes the attention.”

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