Local artists and vendors, a dog park, tents for local businesses, landscaping, temporary bike lanes and many other activities lined Bluebonnet Circle for "Better Block" on Sept. 21.

The SteerFW organization, an initiative of Mayor Betsy Price intended to build community in Fort Worth, hosted “Better Block.”

The chair of the urban development task force for SteerFW, Hannah Behrens, said that the purpose of bringing the community together in Bluebonnet Circle “is to give vision for the potential that Bluebonnet Circle has.”

Behrens said that the SteerFW organization is a group of the younger generation who are trying to bring the city of Fort Worth to its full potential. To accomplish this, SteerFW meets with local residents, figuring out what they want to happen with their neighborhood area, Behrens explained.

The Bluebonnet Circle urban village is viewed by SteerFW as an area with great potential– a place that could have more of a community feel. This is what some of the locals were asking of SteerFW, Behrens said.

Dora Escamilla drives through the circle frequently to pick up her granddaughter from St. Andrews. “It has opened up the area to locals so we can see what all is really here,” said Escamilla, while enjoying a desert from Greenwood’s– a restaurant in Bluebonnet Circle which she said that she had never been to until the block party.

Behrens said that she thought that the block party has created more awareness of this underutilized urban village, showcasing its potential in Fort Worth. She said the city, local neighbors and Bluebonnet Circle businesses had supported the “Better Block” event.

“Mellow Mushroom gave us pizza for our meetings and opened up their space for us,” Behrens said.

Behrens said that SteerFW is hoping that the event will show the locals how Bluebonnet Circle could really bring together the community and how much of a positive impact it could make on the city of Fort Worth as a whole.