The terror of war can affect both body and mind, but the battles don’t end on the front lines.

How veterans cope with those traumatic experiences when they get home is yet another battle each soldier must face.

The Soul Repair Center, a program of the Brite Divinity School dedicated to research and public education on recovery from moral injury– especially in veterans of war– is hosting an event to raise awareness of the complex transition some veterans face when they return home from war.

The Veteran Recovery From Moral Injury Conference is scheduled to begin this Thursday night at the Arborlawn United Methodist Church.

War veterans, doctors and professors are all scheduled to present throughout the three-day convention in workshops, discussion panels and keynote presentations.

While this event may seem targeted toward Veterans within the community, program manager of the Soul Repair Center Dr. Coleman Baker wrote in an email that the conference is actually geared toward the public.

“Veterans returning from war deal with complex issues related to their transition back to civilian life,” Baker wrote. “This conference is important, because it will help those who live and work with vets understand some of these complex issues and how to help in the transition.”

Attendees of the conference can hear discussions on listening, forgiveness, recovery and grace and participate in a number of specialized workshop sessions.

“My workshop will focus on moral injury and the Bible,” Baker wrote. “Participants will work together to look at different biblical characters who may characterize the issue we are raising.”

The Soul Repair Center has hosted events similar to this in the past, but Brown wrote that evaluations and surveys have helped make this conference even better.

“Vets have attended our previous events, and found it helpful,” Baker wrote. “We think this event will be the best yet.”