Construction workers on Hulen Street push to open all six lanes of traffic ahead of schedule, but more importantly, before the busy Thanksgiving holiday.

With two lanes closed on Hulen Street, traffic backups and delays between Bellaire Drive and I-20 have been a common hindrance for drivers. But construction inspector for the Fort Worth Department of Transportation and Public Works Ali Motamed hopes to change that for holiday shoppers.

Motamed said workers are fixing the street’s concrete base in order to put an asphalt overlay on top that, in the future, would need less maintenance than concrete. 

“When we put down asphalt,” Motamed said, “it will be much easier to maintain.”

Motamed said the project began at the beginning of this month and was projected to take 80 days, but he hopes it will be done before Thanksgiving in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly for holiday shoppers trying to reach the Hulen Mall.

“It’s not guaranteed,” Motamed said. “The contractor has 80 days, but hopefully we can get it done by that time.”

Store workers in Hulen Mall, however, said they are not worried.

Henry, store manager for Gap at Hulen Mall who preferred not to release his last name, said that the mall is easy to access from multiple locations, and construction shouldn’t be a problem for shoppers.

Amber, store manager for Disney Store at Hulen Mall who also asked not to disclose her last name, said she is not worried either.

“We had construction going on last holiday season,” Amber said, “and it was fine.”

Despite the lack of concern at Hulen Mall, Motamed said getting the project done before Thanksgiving is still the main goal.