Fort Worth Bike Sharing is offering half-price all-day riding passes to celebrate six months of operation during Fort Worth South, Inc.‘s Open Streets on November 10.

The bike share program began last April as a new mode of transportation for the city and has since raked in more than 15,000 trips, nearly 60,000 miles and almost 400 annual members, according to a Fort Worth Bike Sharing press release last week.

But Fort Worth Bike Sharing executive director Kritstin Camareno said the organization hopes to double that annual membership over the next six months and plans to do so through promotions and events, such as Open Streets.

“We work very closely with Fort Worth South, and so we try to have a presence at all of these public events,” Camareno said. “Community events are great opportunities for us to offer discounts to people who want to try out the bikes but haven’t done it yet.”

Mike Brennan, planning director at Fort Worth South, Inc., said Open Streets is a biannual event that brings a variety of activities, such as biking, skateboarding and fitness classes, to West Magnolia Avenue, which will be closed to car traffic between Hemphill Street and Eighth Avenue on November 10.

“There are three bike share stations along that stretch of Magnolia, and we expect for a lot of people to be able to utilize the bike share system to ride to the event,” Brennan said. “Then during the event, people can use the bikes to ride up and down the street.”

Brennan said Fort Worth Bike Sharing had a table at the Open Streets event last spring, which took place only a week after the bike share program launched, and this fall event will be a great showcase of how Bike Sharing has grown.

“The special this time, the discounted day pass, is much bigger than anything that happened in the spring,” Brennan said. “Having the bike share system up and running and more people aware of how to use the system, that’s going to be an even better fit in bringing people out for our fall event.”

The three stations along Magnolia Street are some of 34 stations across Fort Worth. Camareno said Fort Worth Bike Sharing added six stations in the last six months and hopes to continue to grow as the program gains support from the community.

“We’ve recently received a grant to expand from the Federal Highway Administration, which will go through TxDOT, and that will add another 10 to 12 stations by the end 2014,” Brennan said. “It’s been great to see the growth in not only the physical system but the impression that it leaves on people and the way that they view this system.”