Voters agreed Tuesday to take $2 billion out of the states rainy day fund to help finance projects in the state water plan.

The State Water Implementation Fund for Texas and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund for Texas were part of a proposed amendment to the state constitution that was included on Tuesdays ballot.

It was an amendment to help finance projects in the state water plan, according to the Analyses of Proposed Constitutional Amendments prepared and published by the Texas Legislative Council.

Although less than 10 percent of registered voters statewide turned out for the election – in Tarrant County turnout was a slim 8 percent – election night returns showed that those who did were overwhelmingly in favor of the proposed water funds.

“Water is becoming a critical need,” said Fort Worth resident Blair Beckham, who added he supported the measure. “We are losing resources to droughts, and we need to prepare for the future.”

Nancy Hagan, a Tarrant County resident who voted in the 109, said she also voted for Proposition 6 and the implementation of the water funds.

“I think the lack of water in our state is one of the most critical problems we have,” Hagan said.

The creation of these two water funds was one of nine proposed amendments on the ballot, which included tax breaks for disabled veterans and aerospace companies in addition to expansions of the types of sanctions issued to judges and justices.   

According to election night returns, all nine amendments were approved by voters in Tuesdays election.