For the second time this year, author Anne Lamott will be speaking at Arborlawn United Methodist Church.

Rev. DeAndrea Dare, associated pastor of spiritual formation and small groups at Arborlawn, said Lamott’s raw honesty, unwavering wit, curious spirit and personal journey is enlightening and inspiring to her parishioners.

“She knows that life is not easy yet she boldly proclaims a faith that offers more questions than answers at times and is a grounded in the belief of a good and gracious love of God,” Dare said.

Dare said she feels great and is proud of the connection between Arborlawn and Lamott.

“Anne is so well respected by people of faith and by those who profess no faith because of her honesty and genuine spirit,” Dare said.

Dare said she believes her parishioners can learn to be authentic from Lamott. She said Lamott is a model of what it means to come from a place of darkness while being honest and true. Dare said Lamott is truly herself and strives to be the person that God created her to be.

Around 900 people came to see Lamott speak in April when the church launched the Arborlawn Vineyard series, Dare said. Lamott’s agent reached out to the church requesting that she speak on her newest book, “Stitches.”

Her book for the discussion, “Stitches,” was written after the Newtown shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. The book discusses finding hope and meaning in chaotic times. It also discusses how healing can happen in subtle but powerful ways.

Lamott will speak at Arborlawn on Thursday, November 14 and 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary. The event is free to the public. Lamott will sign books following her discussion.