The Fort Worth Model “A” Ford Club, which has several 109ers in its membership, unites local antique car enthusiasts in a hobbyist organization that seems like family to many of them.

Jordan Douglass and his twin brother, Logan Douglass, have been involved in the club literally since birth. Their grandparents were club members, and they also are interested in Model A’s.

“Model A’ing isn’t like a hobby, it’s a way of life,” Jordan Douglass said.

George Maddox, a member since 1964, said since the club was newly formed he has seen membership growth and an increase in the amount of cars. Other than that, the organization has not changed.

Mary Tucker, club president, said she has noticed a similar consistency in the club over the years. She said membership varies across all generations from young to old. Tucker said her parents joined the club when she was a child, and now she, her children and grandchildren have all become members.

The club started in 1963 with 17 charter members and now has about 250 members, six of whom live in the 109. Members do not need to own a Model A Ford to join the organization.

Robert Ernest and his wife, Martha, have been a part of the organization for five months. They haven’t bought a Model A Ford yet, but Martha Ernest said there are many things they can be involved with in the club without owning one.

The organization allows members to meet once a month, socialize and hear about upcoming opportunities for members such as trips, conventions, car shows and driving in parades. This variety of events appeals to the group’s members.

“There’s something to do all the time,” 14-year member Odis Hibler said.

Russell Grunewald, a club member since 1975, said one of the perks of being in the club is that if someone has a Model A question there are people who can answer it.

During monthly meetings, a speaker comes to discuss a wide range of topics about Model A’s and things pertaining to the time period of 1928 to 1931.

At February’s meeting, University of North Texas design professor Myra Walker talked about the fashion of the Great Gatsby and Early Depression eras. Walker related fashion statements of the time to early versions of the Model A Fords.

Aside from meetings, social outings and other activities, the club serves as a resource for members to ask car questions and receive tips and maintenance help from fellow members.

Meetings are held at 2:30 p.m. every third Sunday of the month at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, and anyone can attend. Yearly dues are $20.