Midnight on a Friday, two hours before the bars’ last call, a herd of students stand next to a brightly colored, taco-smelling food truck on Berry Street across from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

With so many other late-night dining options in the 109, one might wonder why anyone would wait in line for a food truck with no indoor seating.

Andria Esponda, a TCU sophomore international management major, who was born and raised in Mexico, offered a reason.

“Salsa Limón’s tacos taste like the real thing,” she said.

 Monday morning, just after his 10 a.m. class, TCU sophomore marketing major Stefan Muller stopped by Salsa Limón.

“I’ve been up all night studying,” he said, while eating a breakfast taco, “I really needed this. It’s great comfort food.”

Salsa Limón hits college students’ soft spot: authentic ethnic food served until 2 a.m. at great prices.

Salsa Limón’s creators, siblings Milo and Rosalia Ramirez, made it their mission, according to their website, to serve “unapologetically Mexico City style tacos” while keeping prices reasonable.

The tacos are served with cabbage, cilantro and onions as toppings, and a lime wedge on the side. They also come with four house-made sauce options, which enable the customers to decide how spicy they want their tacos to be. Hint: the orange habanero and garlic sauce is the spiciest, while the dark green tomatillo sauce is the mildest.

 “The next time you are looking for a late-night meal, a great lunch, or just a really good taco, TCU senior fashion merchandising major Jovana Fonseca said, “Go down to Salsa Limon. You’ll really love it.”