Tanglewood Neighborhood Association officers presented a new social media site to increase neighborhood communication at the group’s meeting Monday night.

Tanglewood president Bill Campbell and communications director Deborah Freed encouraged all neighbors to sign up for the NextDoor website. The site will allow neighbors to have two-way communication. Neighbors can create posts that pertain to classified ads, lost and found items, advice and recommendations.

“The intent is to make the neighborhood more cohesive,” Freed said.

Campbell and Freed said the site will also allow neighbors to know what’s going on in surrounding neighborhood associations, like Overton Park, Bluebonnet Hills and Westcliff.

The city has also adopted this website as a communication tool. And the Fort Worth Police Department is using the site with safety consultants posting important information relating to the area.

Campbell said using NextDoor will not replace the neighborhood’s email updates.

In addition to introducing the new form of communication for the neighborhood association, the meeting also addressed traffic and development in the neighborhood.

Cara Kennemer, head of the development committee, said XTO Energy will be moving oil rigs on Hulen within the next few months. Kennemer and Freed petitioned XTO regarding moving the rigs through the neighborhood, but were not granted the relocation. Instead, XTO and the city will inform the neighborhood of the oil transportation date so neighbors can plan traffic accordingly.

“The city is pro-neighborhood and the oil and gas company knows the city and the neighborhood will be watching them,” Kennemer said.

Traffic during Tanglewood Elementary drop off and pick up times was also addressed by Linda Stacy, Tanglewood Elementary safety chair, who said children’s safety was the top concern.

“We are worried about the children’s safety more than the traffic. We are doing everything we can to promote safety,” she said.

Stacy suggested making one side of Harlanwood a no-parking zone during the times of school drop off and pick up. The neighborhood’s traffic committee will work with Stacy to finalize a traffic and safety proposal.

On the issue of development in the neighborhood, Kennemer made a notion for the neighborhood association to meet with Fort Worth ISD to discuss the expansion of Tanglewood Elementary. The elementary school is in phase one of its expansions under the bond package initiated last fall. Expansions include 14 new classrooms, a bigger kitchen and a new lunch line. The expansion would increase enrollment from 740 to around 900.

“We cannot support that many students,” Kennemer said. “We can’t even support all of the current students in the library and auditorium.”

The meeting between the neighborhood association and Fort Worth ISD will allow the neighborhood to share their concerns about the expansion.

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