Cash prizes, rental reductions, concert tickets and Six Flags season passes are some of the things Edge 55 tenants have come to expect.

Edge 55, located at 3517 S. University Drive, has been using these incentives to encourage potential residents to sign and current residents to re-sign apartment leases. Manager Elizabeth Najera said their endeavors have been successful so far and will continue to be implemented throughout the year.

“It’s how the incentives are presented at the end of the day. We offer the same things they [other apartments] do,” she said. “If you bring energy to that incentive, it has better reception. Plus it’s fun.”

The objective, Najera said, was to gain a competitive edge. But for her, it is not just about the money. She said she views the incentives as a way to draw the Edge 55 community closer together.

“I love seeing residents run across the street with a smile on their face, so excited that they received the text telling them to come and claim their concert ticket.”

 When asked if incentives played a role in her decision to re-sign her lease, resident Lauren Stiles said, “It definitely was a nice perk.”

Halee Jenkins, another resident, said, “I would definitely choose an apartment that gives me Six Flags season passes over one that doesn’t.”

Najera said the enticements have helped Edge 55 achieve the goal of increasing its overall number of residents.

“This is the best the complex has done since I’ve worked here,” she said.

Word of mouth, Najera said, has made people in the surrounding area aware of the deals Edge 55 has to offer. She views the decision to provide incentives as marketing “money we have to put back into the economy anyway." And the incentives are seen not just for personal gain, but a way to help the economy and the public.

“Giving back to the public is why more people will come into our office,” she said. “We want to be a part of something rather than them just handing us their rent.”  

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