A “Honk 4 Dogs” sign held up by a Paschal High School student Saturday on the corner of Forest Park Boulevard was part of Paschal’s Pet Adoption Day.

PetSmart partnered with Fort Worth’s Animal Control and Care Center to offer rescued animals for adoption, said Rachel Opdycke, Fort Worth Animal Control officer. 

“The animals are then brought to Paschal to be given up for adoption for a fee of $49, which covers an initial medical examination, rabies vaccination, city license, 30 days free health insurance, microchip and spay/neuter services,” she said.

Pet Adoption Day was created four years ago by an animal activist club for students on campus called Panthers For Pets, said Monica Marchi, teacher and Panthers for Pets sponsor.

“These are dogs from the shelter,” she said.  “We had a total of eight today and five were adopted, so that’s fantastic.”

The animals were mostly rescue animals that were sent to PetSmart, said sophomore Monica Amaya.

A puppy named Earl nestled in Amaya’s arms as she explained how loving he was.

“This is his last chance to get adopted since they will be sent back to the shelter,” she said.

All of the dogs are so loving that it makes it easy to find them a home, freshman Bianca Puente said.

“The way these dogs behave makes them seem like the perfect family friend for anyone willing to show them love,” she said.

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