For those who might find an ice-cold cup of carrot juice appetizing, a local Smoothie King now has a new line of vegetable blend smoothies.

“The new smoothies are both healthy and delicious,” said Paeton Tencer, an employee at Smoothie King. “They are all under 300 calories, and have no added sugar.”

The smoothies, called “Veggie Blends,” were added to the Smoothie King menu last month and come in three flavors: Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream and Carrot Kale Dream.

“They’re actually really filling, and they don’t just taste like vegetables,” said Katie Kahrnoff, a TCU campus rep for Smoothie King. “The smoothies have a lot of fruit and fruit juice, so they’re sweet and they taste good.”

The blends have no added supplements, but are not necessarily healthier than Smoothie King’s regular menu items, according to the Smoothie King website.

The drinks provide a convenient way for customers to add more vegetables into their daily diet.

The veggie blends are priced consistently with the regular menu offerings, Tencer said, and customers have been eager to try the new options.

“People seem really excited about the new veggie options and excited just to try something new,” Tencer said. “The Apple Kiwi Kale is definitely our most popular… we always tell people who order it to add cinnamon…it seems weird, but it really adds a lot of flavor.” 

The vegetable juice craze isn’t limited to Smoothie King. Nearby Juice Junkies opened their doors about six months ago. The juice bar offers a variety of blends, as well as custom options.

“They’re surprisingly good,” Madeleine Giese, a junior TCU strategic communication major and frequent Smoothie King patron, said. “It’s a great way to sneak in a couple extra servings of veggies.”