An organization that provides 109ers an environmentally friendly way to get around town recently turned one.

Fort Worth Bike Sharing, which began last year, consists of about 300 B-Cycles, and through a personal web page, users can track trip distance, numbers of calories burned and carbon emissions prevented during a ride.

 Currently, there are locations in and around the 76109 ZIP code including TCU campus, The Cultural District, Magnolia Avenue, and downtown among others.

Memberships can be purchased via a 24-hour, 7-day, 30-day or annual pass.

“This fall the organization will be expanding the system by 10 stations and about 70 bikes, including potential locations along the Trinity trail system and one in the Stockyards,” said Executive Director Kristen Camareno. “The remaining stations will help to fill in gaps in our current service area.”

In addition to Fort Worth’s locations, bike sharing has been implemented in many other cities including San Antonio, Houston, Washington D.C. and Denver. Annual members can utilize the program wherever the bikes are located.

Ben Roberts, a pass holder in the 109, said he uses the bikes as often as he can on the weekends.

 “The B-Cycles are an inexpensive and easily accessible way to spend your free time on the weekends,” he said.  “I ride the bikes for recreational purposes, and with as many locations as there are you can pretty much ride them wherever you want to go.”