Retrospection boutique, at 2435 S. University Drive, is a family-run business.

Mother Cheryl Hailey and daughter Heather Hailey opened the boutique’s first location, in Hudson Oaks, on July 1, 2012.

“Pretty much it’s kind of her brainchild,” Cheryl said.

After Hailey graduated with an associate’s degree in fashion merchandising and a bachelor’s degree in marketing, she was looking for an opportunity as a buyer.

“I wanted to be a buyer,” Hailey said. “But it’s hard to get into, so I started to make jewelry and home decor items and sell them at festivals.”

They opened their second location, on S. University Dr., in November.

She said they were driving around in the area when they noticed their current location, next to Park Hill Cafe, was up for lease.

“She’d always really wanted to start in Fort Worth, but at the time there really wasn’t locations available,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl and Heather both said they work together really well.

“I would say we get along just fine — I guess we balance each other out,” Heather said.

Cheryl concentrates on the displays and the home decor section of the store while Heather concentrates on buying.

“She’s always had a knack for knowing what’s in style and in fashion,” Cheryl said.

She said she normally trusts Heather to know the start of a trend.

The two said they hope to appeal to the college community close-by their Fort Worth location.

“What we want to try to do is bring in the things that are affordable,” Cheryl said.

Heather said her favorite items are the “piko” tops, a simple top that comes in many different colors.

Cheryl said they plan to add more sorority items and college-specific gear.

“We’re excited — we’re hoping to grow and be a part of this community,” Cheryl said.