A TCU student underwent surgery this morning after being stabbed in the 2900 block of West Berry Street around 2:30 a.m., according to a TCU crime alert.

Twenty-year-old Bret Polk was taken by ambulance to the hospital, according to an incident report by Fort Worth Police. Officers had responded to a call that Polk had been stabbed and his organs were partially hanging out, the report said.

Polk and a friend were upset after being asked to leave Fuzzy's Taco Shop and got into an altercation with a person outside the Aardvark, the report said.

According to the TCU crime alert by Sgt. Kelly Ham, a white male had made racial slurs to one of the students.

Arik Thompson, a Fuzzy’s manager, was not on duty at the time and could not comment on what happened but said police are called out occasionally.

“Some things happen like that,” he said. “And people get crazy.”

Aardvark manager Josh Montgomery expressed frustration that the altercation had not ended sooner.

“It had nothing to do with Aardvark other than the fact that we were there when police came knocking on the door around three in the morning.” he said.


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