To many, business is about money and success, but 109 resident Zach Freeman believes a business should do more than just turn a profit.

“Business should be more than just making money,” he said. “It should do something good at the same time.”

Freeman founded Veterans Moving America, a moving company that serves Fort Worth and 76109 residents. The unique factor about the company is that Freeman hires only veterans.

“It is not only an employment opportunity for veterans though, is provides a community for veterans. By bringing the veterans together, they are able to help and support each other,” he said. “They are able to relate to each other as they face similar issues such as PTSD and have the transition back into society. It has become a family and support system for veterans.”

Freeman said the company has moved the contents of more than 150 homes and about 50 percent have either been moving into or out of the 76109 ZIP code.

Veterans Moving America employee Randy Cramer loves the company, he said.

Cramer heard of Veterans Moving America through a friend who works at the VA hospital. He performs a wide range of job responsibilities, and Veterans Moving America has been more than just a job to him, he said. It has allowed him to understand the life, challenges and enjoyments of other veterans.

“I have been given an opportunity to help build a great organization from the ground floor,” he said. “A place where your ideas and input are heard and appreciated.”

Veterans Moving America offers full moving, packing, and storage services.  The company has been successful and continues to grow, Freeman said. He thinks it is a “win-win” situation.

Freeman said the veterans love seeing how happy the customers are with their service, and customers love the idea of not only getting a great moving team, but supporting their veterans at the same time.

Dan Harrell is one of those customers.

“I needed to employ his services on April 16,” he said, and Freeman set up the moving mission right away.

Freeman, a TCU alumnus, was an entrepreneurial and supply change double major who graduated last spring. He started Veterans Moving America the following month.

“Zach has always been a dedicated and hardworking guy,” Alix Vail, one of Freeman’s former classmates, said. “I was not surprised to hear that he started his own company.”

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