Lily B. Clayton, an elementary school located in the 109, offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for people around the community.

The school will hold its third annual “Marvelous Monday,” on Monday, June 2. The day is geared toward various cultures, fine arts, sports, hobbies, crafts and more.

The school is currently seeking volunteers to share their talents and interests with its students.

On a daily basis, volunteer hours include: helping teachers, making copies, working in the front office, and setting up fundraisers. Volunteers can also work with special school programs and participate in playground duty.

These opportunities are the driving force behind Lily B. Clayton’s academic successes and community popularity.

“This is our first year at Lily B. Clayton,” Jennifer Dearden, a mother of two students at the school, said. “And I can already see that the heartbeat of Lily B. Clayton really lies in the volunteers and parental involvement.”

 Third-grade teacher Courtney Sparks said she sees the effects of the community and volunteer involvement all working toward the common good for the kids.

“Whether it’s moms working the lunch line, community members donating auction items, or students volunteering to read to classrooms, Lily B. Clayton is a happy environment,” she said.

Volunteers can help on a daily basis or participate in big events such as Marvelous Monday or the yearly art auction.

Every year the school has a silent art auction hosted by the Parent-Teacher Association. Anyone can donate auction items and proceeds go directly to the school’s needs.

 Evelyn Eldridge, Lily B. Clayton’s secretary, said the volunteering opportunities are beneficial and a great help to the school.

“I am so excited to be a part of a school that has volunteers dedicated to helping support teachers and encouraging the students by giving their time and resources so freely,” she said.

Form more information about volunteering at Lily B. Clayton, contact PTA President Sarah Nader at 817-480-2356 or visit

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