Bubble tea has come to the 109.

Fruitealicious, a small Metroplex cold drink chain, offers customers a chance to create a custom drink whenever they enter the store. Rather than a set menu, Fruitealicious gives customers the option to mix their drinks however they want.

Oscar Roel, an employee at the GrandMarc location, says that when the store first opened, business was somewhat slow because people were skeptical and didn’t know what it was.

However, as word has spread, area residents, TCU students, and Paschal High School students can be found enjoying the refreshing drinks the store has to offer, Roel said.

“Whether you want soda, frozen lemonade or a coffee creation, Fruitealicious has it all,” said Katie Abshire, a 109 resident and TCU nursing major.

“Fruitealicious is a new addiction of mine. It is so refreshing, and there are countless amounts of combinations.”

Max Mueller, a TCU business major and frequent Fruitealicious customer, shared those sentiments, saying, “Fruitealicious is a good, healthy end to a day of school.”

The drink chain started in Carrollton in 2008. Since then, it has spread to two other locations, according to its website, including Frisco and the new GrandMarc location at 3043 Greene Ave. here in the 109.

For more information about flavors and hours of operation, visit