Each job, including delivering pizzas, offers its own unique experiences.

Christian Mason, a 109 resident and pizza delivery boy, thinks his job at Toppers is interesting.

Mason’s most interesting delivery, he said, was at a packed house on New Year’s Eve.

“People were all over the floor and everyone kept offering me shots,” he said. “As a delivery man though, I didn’t take any.”

Christian said when he received the tip receipt, the man had written “Where is the love?” and signed it “The One.”

Although the New Year’s Eve delivery was Mason’s most interesting, he said, it was not his largest. The largest order Mason has had consisted of 40 pizzas and eight soda liters.  Mason said it took quite a few trips to haul all the food into the house.

Mason said the 109 area tends to tip well unless the house is rented or owned by students.

“Lower income areas are more stingy, and, unfortunately, the TCU campus tends to either give the minimum or no tip at all,” he said. “The older residential neighborhoods and hospitals are some of the best tippers.”

Austin Sandford, a frequent customer, said Topper’s pizza is his favorite.

“Christian is, for the most part, the guy that delivers my pizza,” he said. “He always delivers my pizza on time. I have no complaints.”

Mason is not the only one who enjoys his job at Toppers.

“We get to listen to music all day and night as well as getting to meet new people,” general manager Lyndsee Skinner said.

Mason said he started working at Toppers, basically, because he needed the money.

“I’m independent for bills, day-to-day life, and it helps me save money for school as well,” he said.

Mason does have plans past Toppers.  He has taken some classes at Louisiana State University where he plans to finish his schooling, he said, and is working toward a degree in computer science.

For now though, to get the money he needs to attend LSU, Mason is a 109 pizza delivery boy at Toppers.

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