While most residents are still asleep, Circle Donuts employees are already up crafting their donuts.

“If it’s a busy day, we’ll get to the store by 2 or 3 o’ clock in the morning,” store manager Olivea Chang said. “If it’s a normal day, we’ll be there by four.”

Circle Donuts is located at 3506 Blue Bonnet Circle and has been in business about 10 years. The donut shop has provided 109 residents and their families not only with donuts but also a place to come and spend family time together on the weekends.

“We see many of the same faces,” Chang said. “On the weekdays, we see many TCU students. On the weekends, neighbors of the shop and families.”

Larissa Bogle, 109 native and TCU student, says she spent many Saturday mornings in Circle Donuts while growing up.

“I have a lot of good memories there. It’s more than just a donut shop. It’s where we would go as a family for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday,” she said. “I still love their donuts now.  I try to go at least twice a month.”

Chang explained what makes Circle Donuts different. She said that at other donut shops, customers just get the donuts to go, but at Circle Donuts, they stay and eat in the shop.

“I like doing business in this area. It’s good,” she said. “Here, every customer is nice.”

Aside from the kind customers, Chang said she also enjoys the donuts, and her favorite are the chocolate glazed.

John Bauman, a 109 resident, is a fan of the jalapeno, sausage and cheese kolaches, he said.

“They are some of the best kolaches that I have ever had,” he said. “And I have eaten a lot of kolaches.”