TCU graphic design major Caroline Jones designs more than just graphics.

Jones also creates jewelry and began a successful Instagram account after designing pieces for herself.

“I wanted to buy a tassel necklace, but they were all really expensive,” she said. “So I made one for myself and thought that it was really fun, so I just started making more.”

Jones posts photos of necklaces, bracelets and earrings on social media to promote her handmade jewelry.

“Everyone already has Instagram. It was the easiest way to do it,” she said. “On Instagram, it just pops up, and it’s easier for people to see it.”

Jones has experimented with other ways of selling her jewelry online such as Etsy, but Instagram is better, she said, and business has boomed since she created CarolineJonesJewelry on Instagram this summer.

“She spends a lot of time on it,” TCU junior strategic communication Chandler Ebeier said.  “She’ll stay up 'til, like, one or two in the morning.  She’s really dedicated to her work.”

Ebeier said there is a reason Jones’ jewelry is popular.

“Her jewelry is good, because it’s not overpriced, and people our age can buy it,” she said.

Prices generally range from $30 to $60 depending on the piece.

TCU junior strategic communication major Rachel Sanson said Jones’ jewelry is affordable and also has a certain style.

“People are more inclined to buy her jewelry because it’s unique,” she said.

Jones varies the styles seasonally to keep buyers interested. A glance at Instagram shows necklaces adorned with freshwater pearls, shark teeth, arrowheads and more.

“I try to focus on things that people want,” she said, “like TCU colors and fall or summer colors.”

Jones’ jewelry line is also available at Mine or Belair Home in Dallas. For more information visit