Reporter Tuyen Hoang asked workers in the 109 to share their hidden passions, and here's what she discovered.


Mark Lunde

Neighborhood: Cross Creek Ranch

Job: Mixologist

Where: Fruitealicious

Secret passion: "Just helping people around me… it’s about shifting perspectives and making people the greatest versions of themselves."


Lorena Hernandez

Neighborhood: Burleson

Job: Server

Where: Café Brazil

Secret passion: " I like to live life every day like it’s the last day of my life and thank God for what he’s given me every day."

Hernandez said she likes to take care of her kids, her husband and her job and loves what she does.

"It doesn’t matter if it’s a big day or just a regular day," she said.


Melissa Brock

Neighborhood: Aledo

Job: Manager

Where: TCU Florist

Secret passion: "Our passion here is making people happy with flowers whether it’s events, birthday or get well. Just trying to brighten people’s days."


Francisca Jimenez

Neighborhood: Near Southside

Job: Starbucks barista

Where: Starbucks kiosk located inside Kroger

Secret passion: "I really like cosmetology and after working here, I want to study cosmetology so I can do makeup or hair."


Ernest Howard

Neighborhood: East Rosedale

Job: Stocker

Where: Kroger

Secret passion: "Make a lot of money, start my own business and have a family."


James Vanek

Neighborhood: Loftvue

Job: Sales

Where: Radioshack

Secret passion: "Electronics, that’s why I work here."


Jasmine Turner

Neighborhood: Crowley

Job: Cashier

Where: CVS

Secret passion: "I really like to travel."



Bob Goode

Neighborhood: Historic Fairmount

Job: Manager

Where: TCU Printing and Copying/Frog Prints

Secret passion: "Pittsburgh Steelers football. It really gets me going."


Ashley Thaxton

Neighborhood: Berkeley Place

Job: Manager

Where: Dirty Laundry Boutique

Secret passion:

"My secret passion is actually medicine. I’m at the boutique right now but actually going to school next year starting for my BSN [Bachelor of Science in Nursing]. It’s a very different field than I’m doing right now, but I’m really excited about it."


Lincoln Forehand

Neighborhood: South University Drive

Job: Bartender

Where:  Buffalo Bros

Secret passion: "I like writings. I guess journalistic, fiction or nonfiction."


Gerard Daily

Neighborhood: Westcreek

Job:  Clerk

Where:  Record Town

Secret passion: Music


Gregory Pfaff

Neighborhood: Pembroke

Job:  Salesman

Where: Flash the University Store

Secret passion: "My secret passion is race car driving."


Gerardo Arenas

Neighborhood: Northside

Job:  Lead Snob

Where: Pizza Snob

Secret passion: Helping kids find God within themselves and finding themselves to inspire doing something greater.


Natalie Simpson

Neighborhood: Southwest side

Job: Cashier

Where: Kroger

Secret passion: "My kids and my grandbaby. They push me a little harder every day."








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