During the Advent season, many pastors tell their congregation about the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus, but the Rev. Ben Disney, pastor of the 109’s Arborlawn United Methodist Church, is telling his congregation the story from a more historical narrative.

Instead of talking only about Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Men, Disney is preaching the story of a struggle for power between two kingdoms, the Judeans and the Roman Empire.

Disney named the series of sermons “Game of Thrones” because he talks a lot about battles of power between kingdoms, not because the sermons include references from the popular HBO show.

Disney said it is important for his congregation to know more about the conflict between the two kingdoms because it can teach people not only the historical context of the birth of Jesus but also “the conflict in us.”

So far, Disney has delivered two of the four sermons of the series and said his congregation has responded greatly to both of them.

Disney said that in January, he plans to preach his series called “Fragmented.” The upcoming sermons will discuss the splits within both Christianity and people’s family lives.

Those who want to listen to Disney’s sermons can do so by visiting the church’s Soundcloud page.