Students in the 109’s Saint Andrew Catholic School are not only being taught how to decipher scripture in the Bible — they are also learning how to decipher JavaScript and HTML5.

All of the school’s students, kindergarten through eighth grade, participated in the international program called Hour of Code from December 8-14.

Hour of Code is a one-hour long computer science introduction course. So far, more than 15 million students from around the world have participated in the program.

The organization strives to teach students the basics of computer science to increase diversity in technology-driven fields. Hour of Code has hosted 77,349 events in more than 180 countries to help teach more cultures about computer science.

Saint Andrew computer lab teacher Cindy Gonzalez wrote in an email to The 109 that the students watched President Barack Obama’s message about the program before they began doing the coding tutorials on

“It is amazing to see the engagement of the students as they work through the program and the excitement when they have their end product,” Gonzalez wrote.  “The trial and error method of learning allows the students not to feel pressured to be perfect the first time and gives them the opportunity to figure out the logic to be successful.”