Sugar Biscuit Cakery is celebrating six months of creative cake making on Bluebonnet Circle.

Owner Ratna Goenardi said buying from her cakery is different from going in a grocery store because her cupcakes are just as much art as cake.

Goenardi has made cupcakes resembling Darth Vader, footballs, Mexican food, a cheeseburger, school supplies, a baby bottle, high heels and more. Some of her cakes designs include a bed, a snake, a wine bottle, a turkey, and a crossword puzzle.

TCU and Star Wars cupcakes are popular themes, she said, but customers can request any design.

“The craziest cupcake I have made was the sushi themed cupcakes,” she  said.

The cakery offers a variety of cake flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, lemon, strawberry, carrot cake, Italian cream, amaretto and champagne.

It takes hours to finish the design on a typical batch of cupcakes or a cake, Goenardi said, and that is why her prices are higher. A single cupcake bought at Sugar Biscuit Cakery costs $4.

Carleigh Taylor, a TCU strategic communication major, ate a vanilla TCU themed cupcake from the cakery.

“I was surprised by the design because it was so artfully crafted and was not a generic design,” she wrote in an email. “I was also surprised by how delicious it was. I have never had a cupcake with icing that wasn’t creamy. It was different.”

Taylor said she would consider buying a creative batch of the cupcakes for a special themed occasion or a birthday party and hopes to see cupcakes with animal designs.

“Monogrammed cupcakes would be really cute too,” she said.

A TCU graphic design graduate, Goenardi said she enjoys being part of Bluebonnet Circle and believes in its future.