Fort Worth’s new director of the water department hopes to maintain an adequate water supply for a rapidly growing city.

John Carman will take the reins as Fort Worth Water Department director on April 6, replacing Interim Director Andy Cronberg.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Fort Worth has experienced a 46 percent population increase since 2000. Fort Worth City Manager David Cooke said Carman has the experience to balance this growth with the strain put on water supply from a five-year drought.

“[Carman] knows the issues of a community growing in population and having to deal with conservation at the same time,” Cooke said.

Carman said he has more than 30 years of experience working with public utilities, beginning with Salt Lake City Public Utilities in 1979.

Cooke said Carman's most recent position as utilities director in Raleigh, North Carolina, prepared him for his new position at the Fort Worth Water Department.

Cooke also worked previously in Raleigh. Although he said he didn't necessarily work with Carman, he said he was familiar with Carman's reputation.

Assistant City Director Fernando Costa said Carman offers a wealth of utilities experience in the public sector.

“He brings a good business mind and a good understanding of what it takes to run a public utility effectively,” Costa said.

Carman said water facilities in both Fort Worth and Raleigh have struggled with similar challenges in population growth. He said he hopes to “continue the orderly growth of the system and make sure the resources are available for new developments in the city.”

Concerning the current drought status in and around Fort Worth, Carman said that Fort Worth citizens "owe it to [themselves] to use the water that [they] need and no more."

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