Parents and students filled the hallways of R. L. Paschal High School Thursday as students inquired about classes for next year. 

A scheduling expo was held to "educate [the] community about making positive choices" about the classes students take, said PHS principal Dr. Terri Mossige. It was an "open fair" for students to look at syllabi, to talk with previous teachers for course suggestions and to meet with future teachers.

Mossige said the rate of schedule changes in recent years has had a negative effect on the classroom setting. She said students changed schedules at the beginning of the semester prevents them from receiving the "quality instruction" they need.

Last week, students met with their counselors in small groups in preparation for the expo. Students were given folders with course recommendations, graduation requirements and college planning information.

After attending the expo, junior Rachel Wheeler said it confirmed her interests in some classes. She said she also received more information about other classes she knew little about.

Now, when selecting courses for next year, students will register through an online portal. Counselors will ensure selected classes follow students' graduation plan.

PHS will begin working on the master schedule for the 2015-16 school year once schedule change requests have been made. The school will also determine which departments need more instructors.

Mossige said there should be less schedule change requests in the fall because changes will be "more limited than in previous years."

“Schedule changes are going to be the exception not the rule," she said.