The husband and wife team, Rong Rong and Inri, is known for their stark black and white portraits that document their lives together.
Their exhibit, “Focus,” went on display on Jan. 31.
In addition to describing everyday life, much of the work they cover are issues in relationships, cultural differences and similarities, and juxtaposition between man and nature.
According to the exhibit, the couple started producing their black and white photos in 2000. Since then, their work has become increasingly popular. They have their own gallery, the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, in Beijing, where they currently live.
“As a whole, the idealized imagery portrays the artists’ growing family and speaks to their resiliency in a changing city,” said Andrea Karnes, curator of the Modern Art Museum.
“It also becomes an allegory for the cycle of life in general and for the vitality of humankind,” Karnes said.
Many of the photos on display depict Rong Rong and Inri in their home with their three children at varying ages and stages of growth. Others offer visual representations of the rapid growth of Beijing.
The Modern will show the photos of Rong Rong and Inri until April 5. Afterward, they will be replaced by an exhibit called “Framing Desire: Photography and Video.”
According to the museum, the exhibit will feature more than 40 works that depict the feelings of desire.
Tickets to the Modern are $10 for adults and $4 for students with a valid student ID. All of the galleries are open for free on Sundays.

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