TCU professor Becky Johnson will speak Wednesday about Fort Worth’s water resources and conservation efforts.

The environmental science professor hopes to bring a global perspective to a discussion on the limited resource.

“Water is a particular passion of mine,” Johnson said. “I like to make people care about water.”

Before becoming a TCU professor in 2004, Johnson spent 25 years as an environmental consultant in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

She said she will talk about the implications of Fort Worth’s population growth, the connection between water and energy and the conservation efforts already taking place in Fort Worth.

Johnson said she will start out with a global picture and then narrow her scope to national and state-level implications.

“You can have a global understanding, but when you bring it down to your own backyard, what are you doing to preserve our water sources?” Johnson asked.

Johnson said she wants audience members to walk away with a better understanding of where their water comes from and the importance of conserving water in a growing city.

Johnson said she plans to present some of the Fort Worth Water Department’s recent conservation initiatives.

She said she hopes her lecture will help educate the public on why it is necessary to conserve water.

“In the past, [Texas has] had such a small population for such a large piece of land, so conservation has never really been a part of our mindset," Johnson said.

"We’re just not that Texas anymore.”

Johnson will speak at TCU in Palko Hall from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.