Zyn22 is a new celebrity fitness craze that has come to Fort Worth.
“It incorporates high energy music, motivational speaking and community through movement,” said Zyn22 instructor Denis Morton.

Unlike other spin classes, this exercise incorporates dance. All 50 bikers in the room pedal on the same foot and to the same beat in order to achieve a maximum workout.
“Riding all together on the same foot creates a team,” Morton said. “Once you get that teamwork you can start to take it from a workout to a moving meditation and then make it more of a dance party.”
The instructors tell attendees that it takes 21 days to form a habit and that on the next day it takes fitness “from a mundane routine to so much more.”
“I’ve gotten stronger and built up endurance at Zyn22 because of the interval training,” said Berkely McFarlin, a TCU first-year student and Zyn22 instructor.
“Once I get tired of one speed or resistance, with the next song comes a different vibe and a different type of workout,” McFarlin said. “It’s really all-inclusive and works my whole body.”
According to fitness studies by Champlain College, regular exercise can boost one’s mood and relieve stress, in addition to all the physical health benefits cardio provides.
“You leave feeling great about yourself,” said Alexandria White, a sophomore nursing major. “Each instructor has an uplifting message that is passed on and that too makes Zyn22 unique.”
This new cycling studio in Fort Worth is located on West 7th Street. Zyn22 opened early this January and offers classes seven days a week.