The Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works Department is working to update storm drains along Bellaire Drive South.
The department is also adding a new 50-foot pond overflow to help direct water into the Trinity River and help prevent flooding of streets and homes in the neighborhood.
This is a joint project with the Fort Worth Water Department. Conaster Construction was awarded the entire project for storm drain replacement and water and sewage line replacement, said Linda Stern, a communications officer for the City of Fort Worth in the storm water department.
“If we’re going to tear up a neighborhood, let’s get everything done at one time,” Stern said.
The cost of the storm water project is $3.56 million, this is part of the $7.759 million that includes storm drains, water lines, sewage lines and road repair.
Stern said the schedule of the storm drain construction will follow the sewage and water line construction. The contractor will go block by block to repair the road once the pipelines are in place.
Stern said the Army Corps of Engineers built a lot of the city’s water, sewage and storm drain lines in the 1930’s and 1940’s. The pipes are outdated and undersized for the population they currently support, she said.
The storm drain lines will start along Bellaire Park Court and head north to Bellaire Drive South. Then, the lines will run west to the outfall along Trinity Trails. The water will eventually run into the Trinity River, according to the Transportation and Public Works Department.
Chad Lorance from Tarrant Regional Water District said there is no way to filter and clean storm water in the drains without flooding the streets.
The Water Department worked with TCU to end construction July 1 for TCU football season. Construction will resume January 1.
Bellaire Drive South will be open from July to January, but all surrounding streets will remain under construction, according to the Transportation and Public Works Department.

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