Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price surprised tourists during Friday’s cattle drive in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.
Price, along with several other Fort Worth Bike Sharing sponsors, rode in front of the herd on Fort Worth Bike Sharing B-Cycles down Exchange Avenue.
The event was in honor of an expansion for Fort Worth Bike Sharing, which recently added eight new stations. The new stations add to the already present 35 rental locations.
Price said the new bike rack in the stockyards is the first of its kind on the north side of Fort Worth.  She said they chose to add a station to the Fort Worth Stockyards because it is a heavily used tourist area.
“Where else except Fort Worth can you ride B-Cycle’s in cowboy boots and have long horn cattle follow you?” Price said.
Nick Oliver, communications manager for Fort Worth Bike Sharing, said the nonprofit also celebrated its two year anniversary for operations on April 27. The group has seen over 30,000 riders use the bikes over the last two years.
Oliver said most people who attended the event were tourists visiting the stockyards to see the cattle drive.
Southlake resident Ryan Gardner said she didn’t realize Price was going to lead the herd.  She said she didn’t know much about Fort Worth Bike Sharing before the event.
“I’m inclined to look it up on the Internet and probably learn more about it,” Gardner said.
The event also celebrated a $35,000 donation given by Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to power 10 bike-share stations with solar kits.
“It fits with our mission, because Fort Worth Bike Sharing is all about the environment,” Tony Napolillo, manager at Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, said.  “They’re trying to green up the people’s community and give people options besides using fossil fuels, and that’s what we do as well.”

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