Dean plays Derric Evans in new film "Carter High".


A TCU alumnus and his fraternity on campus are inviting students to an exclusive premiere of his new feature film.

Aundre Dean, former Horned Frog tailback, will play safety Derric Evans in the feature film “Carter High.”

It comes to theaters in Dallas and Houston on Oct. 30. However, Dean and TCU’s chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, where he was a member, are hosting a special screening on campus on Oct. 20.

The movie tells the story of the Dallas Carter High School football team during its state championship season in 1988 and the robbery scandal that followed.

“It’s a story about a group of athletes who got really comfortable on their place on the field and got really careless in their everyday lives,” Dean said. “They made some decisions they shouldn’t have because they felt invincible.”

Dean said the movie is premiering at TCU to attract a broader audience and to give Kappa Alpha Psi a programming boost.

“We don’t want people to think this is an African American film,” Dean said. “This story is relatable to everyone. If you’ve seen ‘Friday Night Lights’ and you like that kind of content, this is that kind of movie.”

Stanley Ford, Kappa Alpha Psi president, said the event benefits both the university and his organization.

“The movie premiere will be good for TCU, but it will also be good for Kappa Alpha Psi to be able to say we hosted a real movie premiere,” Ford said.

Dean said that when he was given the chance to bring this movie premiere to campus, he knew he wanted his fraternity to be involved.

“My fraternity is all about achievement, and I think the guys on campus are really achieving and doing a lot on campus,” Dean said.

Dean said he hopes TCU football players and others athletes attend the screening.

“We’re really encouraging the football team, the athletic department and coaches to come see this movie,” Dean said. “It’s so realistic for these athletes. We get so caught up in our lives on the football field and we forget about that one mistake can ruin our whole career that we’ve been working towards.”

Dean helped lead the 2007 Katy High School football state championship team and said he understands the treatment of athletes portrayed in the film.

“Growing up in a small football town, you get comfortable,” Dean said. “You get breaks that other kids don’t get. Those players made mistakes that cost them their futures because they lost track of their goals.”

Athletes being careful about the mistakes they make is the main takeaway from the film, Dean said.

“Everybody makes mistakes, but you have to be careful to choose even your mistakes really wisely because you don’t want to jeopardize the rest of your life and your future,” Dean said.

Watch the trailer for “Carter High” here.

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