Meghen Goulet, senior student and grant recipient, works on research in lab at TCU. (Connie Beltran)

Students in the College of Science and Engineering will get the opportunity to work on research projects.

The Science and Engineering Research Center awarded 26 students with grants of up to $1,500 during the spring semester.

Since 2006, the college has funded 351 projects.

The grants, awarded every semester, allow undergraduate students to fund their research projects and work one-on-one with professors.

“When you have a mentor working with you in the field you are planning to enter, you are able to really thoroughly experience what you are studying,” grant recipient Holly Wright said. “They help you to see ways to apply your major beyond the classroom.”

Students have the opportunity to look for solutions to problems through their studies and experiments. They learn how to apply what they learn with actual research.

Associate Professor of Psychology Cathy R. Cox is helping four students with their research projects.

“Our first goal is to support research in the college,” Cox said. “It’s a nice outlet to teach students hands-on experience of doing study from start to finish.”

After students complete their research they are required to present their projects in the Student Research Symposium. The event showcases projects of approximately 300 students. It is held during the spring semester of every school year.

During the symposium students present their projects to visitors, faculty members and other students. The event allows visitors to see what the college is doing and what they have available.

“We’re not doing it for us, we’re doing it for the students,” Senior Associate Dean Magnus L. Rittby said. “Everything we do that are a benefit to the students, are a benefit to the college.”

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Connie Beltran is a senior at TCU majoring in journalism and minoring in French. She covers the College of Education and the College of Science and Engineering for TCU 360.